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Diamond Lil - Misfits Of Society EP [Review]

Finding a sound as unique as this is an achievement in itself, yet this band take this and have crafted six songs that stand out in this age of manufactured, run-of-the-mill trash. Taking influence from the bands that perfected the genre, Diamond Lil seem more intent on carrying the torch for rock and doing so on their own merits rather than copying the tried and tested sounds of the past, these 4 guys have created a sound all on their own blending new and old style rock to create a new Frankenstein like sound. It's a beast of epic proportions and they go for the throat on all six of the tracks that this killer EP boasts.

“Bottom Of a Glass” and “Sex Injuries” are blistering rock anthems with instantly memorable choruses that are perfect for sold out arenas, "Misfits Of Society" is a call to arms for all those fans of the genre who feel outcast because of who we are and what we like, and in a sense Diamond Lil are exactly as this EP title suggests, they are a misfit band in a scene of copy cats and manufactured artists, “Beautiful Nowhere” is the ballad moment of the EP that is powerful and fueled with emotion and soul that could bring a tear to the eye of even the hardest rocker. “Reach” is seven and a half minutes of gritty, raw, unrelenting emotive song writing, and before we know it we are down to the last track of this outstanding debut effort. The amusingly named “Barrymore (I want more)”, regardless of where the name come from, this powerful closing track keeps you throwing that fist in the air and banging your head just as every other track on this six song epic has done.

Rock is very much alive folks in the black country, be sure to catch these boys live, because if this CD is anything to go by, then we are all in for a treat!

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